Introducing our Co-chair: Dr. Michael Cottingham


Dr. Michael Cottingham

Dr. Mike Cottingham is an assistant professor in the Department of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston. Dr. Cottingham has been involved in Adaptive Athletics—an organization that provides sports programming and conducts innovative research on disability sport—for over 25 years, including coaching at the international level, and most recently assuming the position of director.

His work has been published in Sport Marketing Quarterly, Disability and Rehabilitation, and Sport Management Review. In addition, he has conducted research on behalf of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the Challenged Athletes Foundation, the United States Quad Rugby Association and the United States Tennis Association. His research interests focus on perceptions of athletes with disabilities and impacts on the quality of life of athletes with disabilities.

Mike is currently serving as the co-chair for the Able Active Adaptive Conference. He will also be hosting a presentation focusing on social and economic benefits of adaptive sports. Mike noted that only 18 percent of wheelchair users are employed and 68 percent of them participate in sports. By focusing on building this industry not only does it serve those in wheelchairs but it also directly impacts the economic status of this country.

Through this conference Mike hopes students understand that adaptive sports is a viable career path.

Through Adaptive Athletics Mike as been able to provide sports opportunities at the University of Houston that has served over 500 people over the last five years. Through this program athletes are educated on disability sports and are able to compete in an inclusive environment.
For more information on Mike or to learn more about Adaptive Athletics please visit:


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