Call for Posters

Call for Poster Presentations!


The Health and Kinesiology (HLKN) Climate and Diversity Committee is pleased to announce the call for poster presentations for the inaugural HLKN conference focused on diversity and inclusion. The conference theme for 2018 is “Able, Active, and Adaptive: Healthy Living Across the Lifespan.” The event will be held on April 20th and 21st in the Physical Education Activity Program (PEAP) Building. If you, or anyone you know, would like to submit an application, please review the following submission guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

Poster sessions allow for the casual exchange of key scientific breakthroughs and emerging innovations. To be considered for acceptance, abstracts must demonstrate an engagement with adaptive programs, technologies, exercises, or special topics related to mentally and/or physically,adaptive lifestyles. Presentations may be research-focused or highlight key practices in physical activity-based industries. The abstract should provide enough detail so that the reviewers have sufficient information to judge its appropriateness.

Information needed on the submission form:

  • Poster title
  • Poster author information
  • Short poster abstract (250 words maximum)
  • Topic area
  • One to five keywords

Abstracts will be reviewed by the HLKN Climate and Diversity Committee to determine acceptance.

Submission Deadline

Abstracts for poster presentations will be accepted until Sunday, April 1, 2018 (11:59pm CST).

For additional information or to apply, go to:


Destiniy Maxwell

AAA Student PR Coordinator


Sloane Milstein Ph.D

AAA Faculty Coordinator


































































































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